Hotel Bologna in Venice Mestre - Our Actions

We have implemented a series of responsible measures, including the use of environmentally friendly products, recycling and sustainable waste disposal, and investment in new technologies to reduce carbon footprint.

The hotel also actively promotes social and environmental responsibility through awareness campaigns and initiatives aimed at its guests and the local community.

Among the concrete actions we take:

  • We monitor the consumption of the entire facility (energy, water, and waste).
  • We use energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • We have installed water flow reducers for faucets and reduced flow buttons for all toilets.
  • We engage our guests with the aim of reducing waste through small daily efforts.
  • All our rooms are equipped with energy-saving systems.
  • We purchase a portion of the necessary energy from renewable sources and constantly set improvement goals.
  • We have installed thermal solar panels for hot water production in our rooms.
  • We have provided separate waste collection bins in all areas


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