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Da Tura Restaurant

This is a nice surprise - a hotel restaurant which has proved itself as one of Mestre’s best restaurants.


Da Tura Restaurant has always been a place for people to meet together, with a menu chosen by our chefs, which offers the best of in-season produce, and a wine list which presents an excellent selection of regional, national and international labels.


The meals we offer are inspired by traditional, local cuisine to provide you with the real aromas and flavours of cuisine from Venice and the Venetian region, as well as the classic Italian dishes prepared with an added “je ne sais quoi”.

Products are carefully chosen so as to guarantee their freshness, every day; in-season vegetables, fish from Italian seas, prime Italian meats and a selection of cheeses, from the Venice region and beyond, are all carefully prepared for you today, as has been our custom for 100 years. The restaurant is open every day except Sundays, during August and from 25 December to 6 January.

For more info, call the number +39 041 931000 or send an email to

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